WELCOME TO SHAKALAKA! We don't do magic. But we know someone who does. Gastronomy is magic too The Flemish Primitives - Eating the Gap When you are so wrapped up
in conversation you forget to
look at the photographer.
#SPACEHEROES I will have this one, please... #FASTANDFURIOUSLIVE

It's a passion

There’s no guaranteed recipe for success. There’s no secret. Only hard work. 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year. We live our dream. We share our passion. And we are happy to share it all with you!

Working on...

Following up on a great idea by Derek Sivers here’s my page that says what I’m working on right now. If you want to know what I’m up to and what is being created, check it out!

Let us entertain you

During my move to Brussels I found back the first “magazine” I ever created. It was hand written and copied in the library! I must have been 7 or 8 when I made it and it was about entertainment… I rest my case.

We are social

Hi, we are Shakalaka! and we want to blow your mind. We are specialized in PR and online content marketing for lifestyle and events, such as Cirque du Soleil, Hans Zimmer Live, 2Cellos and The Great Gatsby Immersive.

Content is king

“Be a media company first. Whatever else later.” If there is one Gary Vaynerchuk quote we should all heed to, it’s this one. We focus on content. Together with About the Bees we create your content. We post it. We push it. We eat, sleep and breathe it. 24/7/365.

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Happy to have a chat to find out if I can add some rock ‘n’ roll to your project.
Peter Monbailleu
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We want to blow your mind

Time and time again.
We listen.
We respect.
We take a different look.
We share and we give it all we’ve got
to create events and campaigns that rock.

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Times are pretty messed up… We have been lucky to be able to produce a few events and exhibitions. We hope that the whole ‘live industry’ can be back on its feet as soon as possible. We will all be back. Life has a way!


Wat we doen

Iemand zei ooit… Shakalaka! dat zijn 4 P’s: Pers & PR, Promotie, Productie en… Peter. Ik had het zelf niet beter kunnen bedenken.

Soms doe ik voor een project 1 van de drie onderdelen, soms alle drie. Soms is dat een eigen project, soms is dat een project van iemand anders.

Concreet zorg ik er graag voor dat de projecten waar ik mijn schouders onder zet de nodige aandacht krijgen om uit te groeien tot succesvolle evenementen en dat op alle vlakken.

Het was een eer deel te mogen uitmaken van een aantal mooie projecten zoals het Zandsculptuurfestival Zeebrugge, The Flemish Primitives, Cats, MAMMA MIA!, Evita, Cirque Du Soleil, de Spaanse Rijschool uit Wenen, Gladiator, Ozark Henry’s Paramount, 2Cellos, de Belgian Hospitality Awards, Hans Zimmer Live on Tour,…

Blowing minds since 1997

A few years ago I came across the Holstee Manifesto. Around the same time I got to know a company in Malaysia called Mindvalley. Their CEO is a guy called Vishen Lakhiani and his vision on running a company blew me away. I distinctly remember seeing his 50 minute presentation Why Happiness is the New Productivity on a Sunday afternoon and watching it again immediately after, frantically taking notes. Following Vishen’s request to copy his vision and ideas I re-created my own company and more specifically my view on what I was doing.

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We are relentless

In 2016 I had the honor and pleasure of becoming the oldest intern ever at Zimmerman Advertising in Florida. It was a strange experience to me. I felt as if my head was split up in physical departments (and floors of the building). What stuck after my stay was the vision of Jordan Zimmer and the way he transposed his tenacity to the different teams within the agency. I kept the tag on my desk and I have proudly taken over the relentlessness stated in my “title”. Never stop. Never hesitate. Go on when others would quit. That is what makes the difference. It describes exactly the way I run my projects. Time after time.

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What people say…

The Flemish Primitives Throughout history great art has rarely been made
by people on their own. What happens is that people gather in
a school. And what The Flemish Primitives have done is brought
together people who ordinarily wouldn’t be working together
to create food as art. Personal and transparent and connected.
Food that matters. Alerting the senses. Here’s a bunch of great
guys, leading the way and connecting us in a way we want to
be connected. There is no roadmap."

- Seth Godin, Best selling author
Riverdance Very well promoted and publicised
and very well managed two weeks.
Thank you for everything and
here's to the next time."

- Julian Erskine - Producer - Riverdance
The Future of Marketing Really enjoyed the seminar. It was so well advertised and run.

- Philip Kotler, S.C. Johnson & Son Distinguished Professor
of International Marketing at the Kellogg School of
Management at Northwestern University
Our Values

I believe that everything we do is based on 5 foundations. Passion, Talent, Creativity, Design and Respect. Recently I added a sixth principle, it’s not a foundation, it’s a vision that I discovered while working on The Flemish Primitives with some of the world’s greatest chefs. The new generation of chefs has grown to a level of quality that is higher than ever before. This happened through something that scares the hell out of most of us: sharing. I used to believe that my system was mine and mine alone and it was my strongest USP. It isn’t. After seeing how today’s top chefs are not afraid to share their problems and their solutions, I started opening up and sharing.

Mad Marketing

The sharing I mentioned resulted in a presentation (or two) which in turn resulted in a book project. It is taking shape and I will start taking pre-orders soon. In the mean time, don’t hesitate to subscribe to my mailing list below. You’ll be the first to know everything that goes on and is coming up…

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About the Bees

Mijn passie voor content marketing en de passie van Katharina Ruymen voor alles wat met schrijven en taal te maken heeft, resulteerde in een nieuw project, About the Bees, waar ik graag mee mijn schouders onder zet. We willen mijn opgedane kennis en haar schrijven binnen het bereik brengen van KMO’s, want content is king